Performance Management for Complex Virtual Environments
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Applications Manager
Performance Management for Complex Virtual Environments

When virtual environments co-exist with physical and cloud entities, it is much harder to troubleshoot performance issues and IT admins may spend hours just to isolate the problem. The VMs dynamically moving around from one host to another makes it even harder. Even though the virtualization vendors themselves offer some sort of management, they still lack in monitoring and capacity planning areas.

ManageEngine Applications Manager is an application performance management solution that helps you monitor not just the virtual infrastructure, but also the applications on top of it. With Applications Manager, you get more than just plain vanilla virtualization monitoring.

Applications Manager helps you:
  • Monitor your heterogeneous IT infrastructure in real time
    Monitor the virtual stack, OS, database, application servers, cloud services and more.
  • Manage multiple virtualization Vendors
    Get performance management and capacity planning for complex VMware and Hyper-V environments.
  • Prevent virtual machine Sprawl
    Know exactly how many VMs are present in your network, how many are in production and so on.
  • Auto-provision VMs to handle increased workloads
    Ensure your business applications have enough processing power
  • Gain performance insight into virtual environments
    Go through less manual hoops to get the info you want to keep your apps up and running.

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