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This file copier system replaces the system used by Windows Explorer. It allows you to pause, resume copies, along with calculating copy speeds. If you want to improve copy efficiency and optimization, then give it a download.

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York monitors your source, destination, and packet size of all network traffic on your network. Log all network traffic.

3dSNMP Network Engineers Toolkit

20+ tools to assist you with network planning, discovery, monitoring and diagnostics. Supports Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Auto Pinger

Perfect for network administrators who need to monitor devices on their network. Setup the auto pinger to automatically ping as many devices as you want and one by one this application will ping the device and if it doesn't reply then the application will email you with the device I.P. or name.

Foglight Network Management System

Foglight Network Management System (NMS) is a free network performance monitoring and configuration management solution.

PagePing 1.0.1

Small utility for testing HTTP/HTTPS connections. It can perform a periodic ping to given URL and report ping failures by email (or accessing another URL). It also has the option of saving a log of the ping results.

- SecurityConfig
- WebmasterFree
- DesignNewz
- WebProNews
- WebProWire
- SecurityPro
- FlashNewz

Ninja Surfing Hide IP
System Tweaker
Active Shield
Network ScanSimple Reliable UDP

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